Wow. Hello.


Wow. Hello, blog. You are still here!

It was weird to get a notification about a comment on a post of a blog I have not opened for YEARS. But hey, it was nice. To read some posts again and felt the familiarity of .. yeah I was there, or yeah I felt that feeling at that time.

So where I am now? Bali. It has been over two years since I first moved to Bali.


Kuta beach .. right on my doorstep .. NOT.

What have happened? Hmmm. A LOT. I don’t even know where to start hahahaa. I live in a house right across the rice field now, in a village just outside Canggu. Quite a change from metropolis Singapore, or even the hippy haven Ubud.


Okay, my house apparently is close to the border between Badung and Tabanan regency

I live with two adorable, medium-sized, Bali mix dogs – Shira and Cooper, who wake me up EVERY EFFIN DAY at 6 am (yes, they don’t understand the concept of lazy, let’s sleep in weekend) to go for a 45-60 mins walk to nearby ricefield/empty lot where they can poop, eating cow poos, sniffing cow’s leg, or playing chase and hide and seek at dried-up rice fields.


Shira is the grey and white one, Cooper is the white spotted one

And oh, I have a boyfriend, for almost 9 months now, whom I met in a conference in Kuching, Malaysia and told me he wanted us to be business partner AND life partner right off the bat – causing me giving him a sheepish awkward smile, not sure what to do or to say.


And oh yeah, we went to Europe too! This is Ulm in Germany.

So yeah. Life has been great. Everyday I am reminded how far I have come from my dark age, those drama-queenish years back in 2005 to 2008, and I cannot be more grateful.


I am reserved. For time being. (and le boyfriend booed at “for the time being.”)

And hey, writing feels easy now. Maybe I will write again. Or not. Let’s see and hope for the best! 🙂

But anyway, it’s nice to be back here again!




So. Yeah.
Here is the thing.
I can’t really complain and ask “Why would God let me to know you just to find out that we cannot be together (at least not for another 22 months)?” like they do in those love songs.

I can’t. Cause I know why.
To show me that you can actually meet somebody and it is possible that it just clicks between you two.
That you can suddenly meet somebody that gets you, that understand why you do things you do, simply cause he believes in the same things.
That it is actually possible to come across somebody amazing through a combination of a seemingly random events, but you know perfectly that there’s no such thing as coincidence.
That it is actually possible to meet somebody and suddenly the word commitment is not as scary as it was before.
That you can, and you will – if you have not – meet the right person.

I know those stuff. I can’t ask that question.

And it kills me now,

Cause I start to read articles about perfect man and somehow I always picture you although I don’t even know if you are indeed that perfect.

I cuddle with another person while watching movie about human relationship, and I keep going back to those days that we spent together. The first kiss. The moment we stared at the sky and you showed me Orion Belt constellation. The moment we solved a misunderstanding by talking fairly about it, without hard feelings whatsoever. The moment we could just lay side by side, doing our own thing and it was okay. The moment we had fun playing Uno and finished the whole deck.

I keep thinking about what could have.

I keep thinking you are this perfect person, and I keep regretting the fact that you might become the one that got away.

Can we have a second chance?

Second visit – 30 days, doing things together, from the exciting ones to the very mundane ones.

To actually prove whether we can get along THAT good, or it was just spur of the moment.
To actually prove whether we are that perfect for each other, or it was just our head playing games on us.

I wish for a second chance.
And I wish for a courage, to actually tell you this. 

Leaving Singapore? WHY?


Ever since I tell people about my plan to move out of Singapore, they started asking me what i think about the country. Why I wanted to move out. They know me well enough to see that I have amazing friends here (as amazing as friends back home), but they wanted to know why I decided to move out anyway.

And today i found this article, which basically sums up the reasons why I don’t really like this country.

Don’t get me wrong. I am grateful for all the convenience that I have enjoyed in Singapore. I am grateful for all the money they paid me for contributing towards their national income. I am not an ungrateful bitch.

But I guess Singapore is just not for me. Maybe it is like meeting a guy who’s perfect by the book, but while he’s reliable, he’s too reserved, too restricted and too bland – and I can’t imagine of spending the rest of my life with him.

Check this article. Feel free to disagree. We probably disagree just because we are two different people who have different likes and dislikes. 🙂


One Fine Sunday.


Amazing how a song can bring you back lots of memories.

This song brought me back to one sunny afternoon in Singapore.
Driving around Singapore, from Sentosa Island to East Coast Park then to River Valley Road.
Stopping randomly by the beach just to enjoy the breeze.
Singing my heart out along with the songs that came before/after this song.
Turning up the volume when this song came, until we couldn’t hear our own voices.

Now this song is associated with you, Mr Lightning McQueen.

That was one fine Sunday.

And it will always be one 🙂

You Are More Beautiful Than You Think.


Came across this amazing video that made me shed a tear. Powerful, touching and empowering.

You are more beautiful than you think.

Ah. I remember that day, at Clarke Quay bridge. It was a farewell gathering for an Indian friend who is going to go back to Indiana, USA, to finish her Ph.D.

She was hugging everybody, to say goodbye. She took time to talk to everyone who’s there, for the last time before she left.

When i hugged her goodbye, she said, “Do you know what? Once Eugene (her boyfriend at that time) asked me, if I can be one of the girls at Couchsurfing (my social circle in Singapore), whom would i want to be. And I actually said i want to be you.”


“Yeah. Cause you’re cool, you have your own style and you’re so pretty.”


I was stunned. Another girl wanted to be me. While at that time, I wasn’t so sure that I wanted to be me. I always see flaws in myself. Not slim enough. Not pretty enough. Not feminine enough. I once lived seven years of my life thinking i am not good enough for somebody – and although I am not there anymore, sometimes i really need to convince myself (and myself esteem) that i am, indeed, good enough.

That night i learned that i am my own worst critic, Other people seem to able to see my good qualities better than i do. I have never believed when they give me praises, thinking that they’re just saying it .. you know, one of the positive things you say to friends although you don’t really mean it.

This is not a humblrebrag. I honestly, truly feel that I am not all that. But being in the middle of people who give affirmations instead of critic, who encourage instead of put you down – i finally learn to love and appreciate myself. That maybe I *am* pretty. Maybe i *am* pretty cool, Haha.

Well, few weeks later, the same friend wrote on my Facebook wall.

‘I showed pictures from Singapore to my host parent in Indiana, and suddenly they pointed at you and said “This girl is so pretty.'”

I didn’t know which photo she showed to them, but i got a feeling it was one of the photos we took during our weekend trip to Kuala Lumpur. I took a second look to the photos. I remember feeling very happy. I smiled all the time, cause I went there with my awesome Singapore friends.

I guess when you feel good, you look good.

You are more beautiful than you think, ladies. Stop criticizing yourself. I am definitely learning to stop doing it to myself. 🙂

Hello, Butterflies.



Oh, hey. Butterflies.

You are back.

How long has it been since the last time you were here? Six months? I think it was only for a short visit. You came together one night, with this guy that I had been kissing for few weeks. Nah, you weren’t always there. Maybe there was something in the air that night. The air, and shisha overdose.

I don’t think you were really there. I think i was just imagining you. Cause not long after that, you disappeared. 

It must be the shisha talking.


But hey, before that, when was it?

Ah I cannot remember. I am not particularly a fan of yours. To be honest? You’re not exactly a good guest. You often messes up the rooms you stay in, and you often provoke brain and heart to fight against each other. So excuse me for not inviting you to come over too often. I don’t want my brain to hate my heart, and vice versa. And they usually get along just fine if you’re not around.


But hey, you’re back.

You probably have been hanging out with this guy. Maybe you’re buddies. Cause everytime I talk to him, it seems like you always hover around us. Even before I met him. I think I caught you peeking into our messenger window while we were typing lines and lines of witty words, spending hours at once. But then you ran and hid. I remember catching glimpses of you, for few short seconds, before it was gone.

But hello. You’re back now. And you’re still here. 

Wow. You guys must be best buddies. What are you doing here? Trying to mess up everything? Trying to corrupt my brain so it keeps thinking about him all the time? Trying to make me obsess over things like, “OH WHY HASN’T HE REPLIED MY TEXT, ARE WE MEETING UP TONIGHT OR WHAT.”? 



Stop it. 

I have better self control now. No, i am not gonna obsess over it. Even if i do, I won’t let him know by sending too much messages, or anything too enthusiastic. No.


Go, butterflies. Go. 

Yes. I don’t like you. To be honest, maybe it is because I am afraid of you.

So now, please go.


I don’t want you here. 

Bad Idea


I am that bad idea.

The one that is like that guy your best friend falls in love with.

But he is leaving in few months for good.

Or, he is still going to be away until who knows when, to pursue his dreams
He doesn’t know when he’s coming back. Of *if* he is coming back.

There is no solution.
He cannot be waited, and he also cannot be responsible for anyone yet.

The one that you instantly think, “No. Don’t do it. He is a bad idea. Find someone else.” the moment your best friend tells you about him.

I am usually the best friend.
Or I am usually you.

But I guess now I am him.

I am the bad idea.

I have never realized being a bad idea is such a lonely job.

The mother of a traveler.




Barusan baca blog post ini, karena di-share oleh salah satu teman yang saya follow di Twitter.


Cerita mengenai obrolan singkat dengan ibu-nya Dina, the famous @DuaRansel, seorang perempuan Indonesia yang menikah dengan seorang Kanada dan kemudian memutuskan untuk jadi Digital Nomad. Traveling tak berkesudahan, sambil kerja jarak jauh. Nggak punya rumah, nggak pernah menetap lama di suatu tempat. Postingan blog ini menunjukkan betapapun seorang ibu mencoba untuk berpikiran terbuka dan menerima anaknya menjadi seorang traveler sejati, tetap saja berat baginya.

Rasa kuatir karena anaknya berada di belahan bumi lain yang mungkin tak pernah dilihatnya.

Rasa penerimaan bahwa anaknya tidak seperti anak-anak kolega maupun kerabatnya yang lain, yang memilih untuk hidup menetap di satu tempat dan beranak pinak – meski dalam hati mereka ingin menimang cucu.

Rasa pasrah, hanya bisa berdoa dan berharap semuanya baik-baik saja. Karena kalau ada apa-apa, dia tak akan bisa berbuat apa-apa untuk membantu anaknya.


Jadi ingat ibu sendiri.

Ibu saya diam-diam suka jalan-jalan. Tapi bukan tipe yang ekstrim ini itu. Sekedar plesiran sama saudara-saudara, atau teman-temannya di gereja, dengan kedok visitasi paduan suara (buat yang nggak tahu, visitasi paduan suara itu adalah kegiatan pelayanan gereja dalam bentuk paduan suara suatu gereja mendatangi gereja lain dan mempersembahkan satu-dua lagu di kebaktian gereja tersebut — yang biasanya diwarnai jalan-jalan ke beberapa tujuan lokal sebelum kebaktian maupun setelahnya).

Gitu-gitu ibu saya pernah jelajah Pulau Jawa dalam waktu seminggu mengunjungi sekitar 6-7 kota. Lagi-lagi sama teman-temannya di gereja. Setiap kali saya nelepon, lokasinya sudah pindah. Tadi di Demak. Lalu di Jogja. Lalu di Magelang. Tahu-tahu dia sudah di Jakarta lagi.

Gitu-gitu dia juga sudah ke Jepang dan menghabiskan mayoritas waktunya di Kyoto. Dia juga sudah pernah ke Ambon. Dan ke beberapa spot terpencil di Pulau Jawa — untuk mengunjungi gereja yang jemaat-nya mungkin hanya 10-20 orang. Dan tentu saja ke Singapura beberapa kali (nggak, nggak cuma karena dia mengunjungi saya di sini, tapi juga karena dia ke sini sama teman-temannya)

Kalau Ayah saya? Hm, I don’t think he likes traveling that much. He never seems to make plans to go somewhere, despite the fact that his work takes most of his time. He travels only when he has an annual reunion with his college friends, and of course, the location is depending on the location of the reunion. Aside from that, he never really makes a traveling plan for himself, or for the family.


Saya sudah tinggal di luar rumah sejak kuliah. Empat tahun di Bandung sampai tahun 2004, lalu kembali ke Jakarta dan tinggal di rumah orang tua selama 4 tahun berikutnya, dan keluar rumah lagi tahun 2008 sampai sekarang. Karena itu juga orang tua saya, terutama ibu saya, sudah biasa saya tidak pernah ada di rumah. Dan sepertinya fakta ini sedikit banyak mempengaruhi reaksi Ibu saya kalau tahu saya sedang traveling.

Dulu pas di Jakarta, Ibu saya tadinya bingung dan was-was kalau dengar saya ingin ke pulau ini itu. Apalagi kalau dia mendengar kabar soal ombak yang sedang besar, meskipun saya akan berangkat ke pulau di wilayah perairan yang berbeda. Lalu lama-lama dia biasa. Tapi kemudian saya makin jauh jalan-jalannya. Ke Belitung. Ke Jogjakarta dan Bali sendirian. Ke Kalimantan (Derawan). Ke Flores. Ke Bunaken  – Sulawesi Utara. Dan semua itu biasanya saya baru bilang ke beliau saat saya sudah tinggal berangkat. Jadi diapun cuma bisa geleng-geleng kepala, nanya ini itu sekedarnya (karena meskipun dia berkeberatan pun, saya tak akan membatalkan kepergian saya — kecuali kalau alasannya serius sekali) dan berpesan agar saya hati-hati . Dia juga biasanya menelepon saat kira-kira saya sudah tiba di lokasi dan saat saya kira-kira sudah kembali ke Jakarta. I guess deep down inside she knows that she will never be able to stop me, and all she can do is to make sure I am alright.

Pengalaman selama bertahun-tahun itu mempersiapkan Ibu saya untuk bereaksi santai saat saya bilang saya mungkin akan pindah ke Singapura. Saat saya dapat kabar bahwa saya diterima bekerja, saya sempat kuatir sedikit bagaimana reaksi orang tua saya.

“Aku mungkin bakal pindah ke Singapura nih.”

“Haaaaah? Kapan? Ke sana ngapain? Dapat tawaran kerja?”

“Iya” lalu saya cerita soal proses seleksi kerja yang beberapa hari sebelumnya berlangsung, “Sekarang lagi nunggu working pass. Tapi kurang lebih sih akhir April / awal Mei, kayaknya.”

“Oh gitu ..”

“Iya. Gapapa kalau aku pindah Singapura?”

“Yaaa nggak apa-apa. Singapura deket ini. Masih gampang bolak-baliknya.”

Sudah, gitu aja reaksi beliau. Reaksi Ayah saya juga sama saja, meskipun dia bertanya beberapa hal mengenai gaji saya di sini, untuk memastikan aspek finansial kepindahan saya ke Singapura lancar. Antiklimaks banget. Hahahha.


Tapi ya, awal-awal saya pindah dan belum dapat apartemen, Ibu saya konon kuatir setengah mati. Apalagi  pas nelepon dengar saya bilang “Sudah ya, besok aja ngobrolnya. Penghuni kamar yang lain sudah tidur, nggak enak kalau berisik.” — beliau langsung tambah stres dengar anaknya tidur sekamar sama orang-orang lain — padahal ya, namanya juga tinggal di hostel … (mungkin di benak beliau saya seperti tinggal di penampungan TKI)

Saya pindah apartemen dua kali, dan dua kali juga dia ke Singapura. Saya yakin bahwa dia melakukannya untuk mengecek kondisi tempat tinggal saya juga. Dan baru bernafas lega saat tahu anaknya tinggal di tempat yang nyaman.

Dan sejak pindah Singapura, hobi traveling saya pun semakin menjadi. Phuket – Thailand, Bali (2 kali), Melaka – Malaysia, Desaru – Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia. Dan seringkali saya lupa kasih tahu beliau dimana posisi saya.


Di Bali :

(Telepon masuk ke nomor Telkomsel saya)


“Ta? Kamu dimana?”

“Di Bali.”

“Oh jadi ke sana? Pantes diteleponin ke nomor Singapura nggak nyambung-nyambung. Mama coba aja ke nomor Telkomsel, eh, nyambung.”

“Iyaaaa kan udah bilang ada nikahan temen ..”

“Kirain nggak jadi ..” (she laughed)


Di Kantor Imigrasi Malaysia

“Halo Ta, kamu lagi ngapain?”

“Ini lagi di imigrasi nih, lagi ngantri …”

“Heh? Emangnya dari mana?”

“Dari Kuala Lumpur …”

“Oh kemarin jalan-jalan ke Malaysia ya kamu?”

(Hahahah. Lupa bilang. Abis rasanya Malaysia deket — makin dekat tujuan wisatanya, makin kecil kemungkinan saya bilang ke Ibu saya)


Saat ini sepertinya ibu saya sudah menerima bahwa dia adalah ibu dari seorang traveler. Tak lagi jiper saat saya bilang kalau saya mau ke sana ke sini. Bahkan saat saya bilang bahwa saya akan menjelajah Kamboja, Bangkok dan Laos selama 10 hari. Tapi statement paling pol dari Ibu saya yang menunjukkan penerimaan beliau adalah :

“Kamu jalan-jalan mulu .. nikahnya kapan? Eh tapi kamu pasti nggak ada tabungan buat nikah ya. Kan’ abis buat jalan-jalan ..” ujarnya sambil ketawa-ketawa.

Langsung saya samber, “Nah itu tahu (jawabannya)!” 



I think my Mom is a pretty cool mother of a traveler.

Entah apa reaksinya nanti saat saya hadapkan pada ujian berikutnya: mendengar bahwa putrinya akan pergi traveling untuk waktu yang cukup lama.

Tapi rencana itu masih jauh.

Marilah kita pikirkan nanti saja.




Blog yang saya baca malam ini sebenarnya menginspirasi saya untuk mencetak foto-foto liburan saya, lalu mengirimkannya via snail mail ke Ibu saya. Tanpa cerita panjang (kalau tunggu cerita, pasti nggak bakal dikirim-kirim), hanya rangkaian foto bernomor, sehingga dia bisa mereka-reka sendiri cerita liburan saya. At least she will finally see what I had seen 🙂


What to Do When You Miss People Back Home


OK, so today’s blog is gonna discuss on “What do Do When You Miss People Back Home”.

Step number one.

Just kidding.

I also do not know what to do! Saran klasik adalah ajak mereka telp-telpan via Skype. Atau jalan-jalan keluar sama teman baru di negara baru. Yeah, I know you have known that already. I don’t need to tell you that.

I am writing today just to remind you one thing: IT’S A VERY NORMAL.

It’s very normal, walaupun dalam keadaan normal kamu biasanya manusia tough yang jarang nangis.

It’s very normal, walaupun biasanya kamu cukup mandiri dan bisa kemana-mana sendiri.

Kayaknya jari tangan saya hampir habis menghitung beberapa kali saya rasanya pengen nangis sendirian di kamar karena kangen sama orang-orang di kampung halaman. Dan dasar saya anak durhaka, saya pun lebih sering kangen sama sahabat-sahabat saya daripada sama keluarga saya. HAHAHHAH. Bukannya kenapa-kenapa, sepertinya semakin saya dewasa, semakin saya berusaha untuk tidak bergantung sama keluarga. Tapi kan namanya juga manusia, tetap butuh support system.

Dan akhirnya support system saya yang baru adalah ya, sahabat-sahabat saya. Saya mengkategorikan sahabat-sahabat saya sedemikian rupa, sampai saya pun sudah tahu kalau mau curhat ini harus menghubungi sahabat yang mana untuk memperoleh saran seperti apa. Kalau mencari format saran yang berbeda, ya hubungi sahabat yang lain lagi.

Nah, once you’ve moved to a new country, mendadak kamu harus jalan sendiri, tanpa ada support system yang bisa dijangkau dengan mudah. Apalagi kalau kamu datang dari negara macam Indonesia yang internetnya suka cupu. Duh, mau Skype calls aja pake doa, biar nggak keputus di tengah jalan, atau keputus-putus suaranya dan akhirnya bikin males ngobrol.

Thank God for social media, saya pun masih update sama kabar sahabat-sahabat saya via Twitter dan Path. You know what is happening with them, they know what is happening with you.

But well, we cannot cope with life in a new place, if we keep wishing we are back home, can we?

So, here are some things that may help you coping with this kind of problem.

Intinya sih :

1. Face it. Accept it. And deal with it.

Maksudnya adalah, ya terima aja, you’re not there with them.You’re living in a new place. If you need a new support system, go get one. Tapi memang nggak bisa dipaksain sih. Saya sudah kenal sahabat-sahabat saya selama bertahun-tahun sebelum mereka akhirnya jadi support system. Begitu juga support system kita yang baru nanti. If Phil Collins said you can’t hurry love, oh, you just have to wait (sorry, I can’t help it. Just heard this song yesterday and sung along with it and almost made my companion trembled with fear hahah) — this also goes for friendship. Dari kenalan, pelan-pelan jadi temen, lalu jadi sahabat. Terima aja memang itu prosesnya.

2. Go out, be a friend. And you will find friends. 

Being nice and friendly gets you far. Ask people questions. Get to know them. Kalau ketemu teman yang kira-kira nyambung di event ramai-ramai, buat foto bareng. Lalu add mereka di Facebook dan tag beberapa yang dikenal. Nanti mereka juga akan tag orang-orang lain yang ada di foto itu, dan kamu bisa add mereka juga.

Kalau kamu tipe orang yang “duh nggak mau ah add orang di Facebook yang baru ketemu sekali” — YA JANGAN POST SESUATU YANG PERSONAL BANGET DI FACEBOOK. Karena sesungguhnya pas di sini berasa banget pentingnya Facebook. Undangan ke event ini itu, ke house party ini itu, atau mass message ajakan nongkrong setelah jam kantor .. ya adanya di Facebook.

Nah, udah jadi Facebook-friends? Dari situ kamu bisa mulai tegur  teman-teman baru ini. Ikut-ikutan komen di foto-foto bersama as event. Sering-sering nge-Like status orang di Facebook (itulah yang dilakukan teman-teman baru saya. Saya nge-post bahwa saya di bandara mau balik ke Jakarta aja, total ada 17 orang yang nge-Like, dan 12 di antaranya teman-teman baru. Aaaaw) – sepertinya “Like” itu jadi bentuk perhatian baru di jaman digital. Atau mungkin teman-teman saya di Sinjiapoh aja yang overly connected. Tapi apapun alasannya, klik ‘Like’ itu terasa seperti perhatian. Sungguh. Tapi mungkin saja saya yang defisiensi afeksi. HAHAHAHH.

Nah, kalau udah ketemu beberapa orang yang nyambung di 2-3 event, mulai tukeran nomor telepon, dan whatsapp mereka sesekali. Ngobrol ini itu lah. Ajak ketemuan, nongkrong dimana gitu .. ask questions, get to know them – what brings them here, what they do for a living, what kind of stuff they do .. singkatnya sih,  be a friend.

And soon, you will find yourself surrounded by many friends, who are Like-ing your Facebook posts, inviting you to events, texting you to catch up over drinks or meal .. and the next thing you know, you no longer have those lonely nights anymore 🙂

3. Curhat selectively.

Kotak-kotakin curahan hati yang mau dicurhatkan (struktur bahasa apa ini). Curhat yang mendalam dan komprehensif, sampaikan via Skype/BBM/Whatsapp ke sahabat di hometown. Curhat yang agak shallow (misal, baru kencan sama cowok blangsak, atau curhat soal diskriminasi warga lokal yang rasis) bolehlah dishare ke temen baru. Hati-hati, namanya juga temen baru – they don’t know you that well. So you have to select which stuff to tell them, which stuff to BBM people back home. Jangan semua orang dicurhatin semua hal. Apalagi kalau menyangkut orang yang mereka kenal (seblangsak apapun dia yang baru kemarin kamu kencani .. hahahah) – be careful of what you’re saying 🙂

4. Be present on events

Kalau bisa, awal-awal rajin-rajin datang ke event ngumpul-ngumpul. Biar makin eksis. Biar hubungan pertemanan makin mantap. Jangan susah diajak nongkrong, there will come a day when they just stop inviting you.

Kalau kira-kira pertemanan sudah mantap, mulailah selektif. You don’t want to lose yourself in the process, do you? Do things you don’t mind doing, but if you think it’s too much .. just step back. Semua orang punya batasan masing-masing. Don’t feel bad about it. Saat mereka share sesuatu dari ‘malam dimana kamu pulang terlalu cepat karena mereka sepertinya tak henti-hentinya berpesta’  di Facebook — give a comment like “I wish I was there, it looks super fun!” dan libatkan diri dalam percakapan yang terjalin di comment boxes itu. Dengan demikian eksistensi tetap terpelihara.

Apalagi ya? Sepertinya yang esensial itu saja.

Tips di atas sudah teruji berhasil sih. Mungkin kalau di negara lain beda ya situasinya, mungkin bukannya pakai Facebook, orang-orang di sana pakai Myspace (APAAAA? ITU NEGARA ADA DI TAHUN BERAPA SIHHHH?) – lain ladang kan lain belalang. Tapi sepertinya sih dasar-dasarnya sama.

And well, there will be times when your best friend back home visits you in your new place. Kalau sudah begitu, ajak saja mereka hangout sama teman-teman barumu. Pengalaman saya sih, teman-teman baru saya selalu memperlakukan sahabat-sahabat saya seperti teman mereka juga. Bahkan ikutan add mereka di Facebook. I definitely do that to my new friends’ bestfriends that hung out together with me 🙂

Have fun finding friends!


I like you.



I think I like you.


I like you, 

In a way that is caused by the fact that we start this as friends. Randomly met on an event, stood next to each other, when we exchanged look and said, “It’s kinda boring in here. Wanna go to get some drinks or something?” and we just went. Although we have just met less 1-2 hours before, and we haven’t talked to each other that much. And it was okay.

In a way that is caused by the fact that we can go to movies, or to some random events somewhere, with just two lines on Whatsapp. It’s hassle-free. And simple.

In a way that is caused by the fact that I can spend one whole day with you, and there’s no moment, not even a SINGLE SECOND, that I feel like I have to say/do something to break the awkward silence. Maybe because there was none.

In a way that is caused by the fact that you let me chose my favourite songs from your iPhone (or to look for the video on Youtube) and then blasted the volume up once the song started, so I could sing along loudly without feeling embarrassed, because it made me think you wouldn’t be able to hear me sing. Although you obviously could. We were in the same car, forgodsake, and you actually commented on my voice (that it seems like I could sing).

In a way that is caused by the fact that you don’t sweat on the small stuff, and usually you just let me do things I want. Including swimming on your apartment’s rooftop pool all by myself. Or to stop randomly on one spot at East Coast Park just so we could get off the car and sat on the grass and watched the plane flew by.

In a way that is caused by the fact that you really mean it when you say you do. Like when you said you are going to bring me breakfast when I had the worst hangover ever. And actually stayed for one hour waiting for me to finish one McMuffin because of my queasy stomach. I told you that you can go and I can always finish my food in the apt, you only said “I know.” And stayed anyway. And mocked my slow-eating. And my hangover face. And my slow response. And my inarticulate speech.

In a way that is caused by the fact that your effort to help me getting over my hangover actually motivated me to stop drinking for the rest of the weekend (except for that one glass of wine that went with our pasta meal) – I didn’t drink AT ALL on the Halloween party, despite of all of my friends’ effort to get me drinking, and I stayed with them til 4 AM.


Yes, I think I like you.

Up to the point that if you think I am just a really good friend – it’s OK. Cause I’d rather have you around as best friends, then to date, and fail and become enemies. 


Yes, this post is for you.

Although I swear to God, I hope you will never see this, until the day I show it to you.



– 291012 –