I like you.



I think I like you.


I like you, 

In a way that is caused by the fact that we start this as friends. Randomly met on an event, stood next to each other, when we exchanged look and said, “It’s kinda boring in here. Wanna go to get some drinks or something?” and we just went. Although we have just met less 1-2 hours before, and we haven’t talked to each other that much. And it was okay.

In a way that is caused by the fact that we can go to movies, or to some random events somewhere, with just two lines on Whatsapp. It’s hassle-free. And simple.

In a way that is caused by the fact that I can spend one whole day with you, and there’s no moment, not even a SINGLE SECOND, that I feel like I have to say/do something to break the awkward silence. Maybe because there was none.

In a way that is caused by the fact that you let me chose my favourite songs from your iPhone (or to look for the video on Youtube) and then blasted the volume up once the song started, so I could sing along loudly without feeling embarrassed, because it made me think you wouldn’t be able to hear me sing. Although you obviously could. We were in the same car, forgodsake, and you actually commented on my voice (that it seems like I could sing).

In a way that is caused by the fact that you don’t sweat on the small stuff, and usually you just let me do things I want. Including swimming on your apartment’s rooftop pool all by myself. Or to stop randomly on one spot at East Coast Park just so we could get off the car and sat on the grass and watched the plane flew by.

In a way that is caused by the fact that you really mean it when you say you do. Like when you said you are going to bring me breakfast when I had the worst hangover ever. And actually stayed for one hour waiting for me to finish one McMuffin because of my queasy stomach. I told you that you can go and I can always finish my food in the apt, you only said “I know.” And stayed anyway. And mocked my slow-eating. And my hangover face. And my slow response. And my inarticulate speech.

In a way that is caused by the fact that your effort to help me getting over my hangover actually motivated me to stop drinking for the rest of the weekend (except for that one glass of wine that went with our pasta meal) – I didn’t drink AT ALL on the Halloween party, despite of all of my friends’ effort to get me drinking, and I stayed with them til 4 AM.


Yes, I think I like you.

Up to the point that if you think I am just a really good friend – it’s OK. Cause I’d rather have you around as best friends, then to date, and fail and become enemies. 


Yes, this post is for you.

Although I swear to God, I hope you will never see this, until the day I show it to you.



– 291012 –

2 thoughts on “I like you.

  1. aaaaaaaa… kurang lebih sekarang aku juga punya jalan cerita begini, punya temen lebih tepatnya atasan tapi karena seumuran jadi ngobrol apa aja nyambung dan berhubung dia LDR sama pacarnya otomatis doi bnyk ngabisin waktu bareng gw secara dia juga nggak ada temen di Batam ini, mulai dari nonton, makan, jalan sana jalan sini selalu bareng…. tapi lama2 gw punya rasa sama dia hiiiks tapi diwaktu yang nggak tepat, disaat dia udah punya pasangan dan sebentar lagi bakal married, mungkin dia menganggap gw cuma temen yah it’s ok….
    Tapi rasanya gw nggak siap untuk ‘melepas’ dia 😦

    • citsav

      aaaaaw *puk puk*
      mungkin kalian nyambung karena sama-sama dua orang kesepian di tanah orang. nggak salah sih. tapi harus siap2 let go kali ya bu .. *hugs*

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