Hello, Butterflies.



Oh, hey. Butterflies.

You are back.

How long has it been since the last time you were here? Six months? I think it was only for a short visit. You came together one night, with this guy that I had been kissing for few weeks. Nah, you weren’t always there. Maybe there was something in the air that night. The air, and shisha overdose.

I don’t think you were really there. I think i was just imagining you. Cause not long after that, you disappeared. 

It must be the shisha talking.


But hey, before that, when was it?

Ah I cannot remember. I am not particularly a fan of yours. To be honest? You’re not exactly a good guest. You often messes up the rooms you stay in, and you often provoke brain and heart to fight against each other. So excuse me for not inviting you to come over too often. I don’t want my brain to hate my heart, and vice versa. And they usually get along just fine if you’re not around.


But hey, you’re back.

You probably have been hanging out with this guy. Maybe you’re buddies. Cause everytime I talk to him, it seems like you always hover around us. Even before I met him. I think I caught you peeking into our messenger window while we were typing lines and lines of witty words, spending hours at once. But then you ran and hid. I remember catching glimpses of you, for few short seconds, before it was gone.

But hello. You’re back now. And you’re still here. 

Wow. You guys must be best buddies. What are you doing here? Trying to mess up everything? Trying to corrupt my brain so it keeps thinking about him all the time? Trying to make me obsess over things like, “OH WHY HASN’T HE REPLIED MY TEXT, ARE WE MEETING UP TONIGHT OR WHAT.”? 



Stop it. 

I have better self control now. No, i am not gonna obsess over it. Even if i do, I won’t let him know by sending too much messages, or anything too enthusiastic. No.


Go, butterflies. Go. 

Yes. I don’t like you. To be honest, maybe it is because I am afraid of you.

So now, please go.


I don’t want you here. 

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