You Are More Beautiful Than You Think.


Came across this amazing video that made me shed a tear. Powerful, touching and empowering.

You are more beautiful than you think.

Ah. I remember that day, at Clarke Quay bridge. It was a farewell gathering for an Indian friend who is going to go back to Indiana, USA, to finish her Ph.D.

She was hugging everybody, to say goodbye. She took time to talk to everyone who’s there, for the last time before she left.

When i hugged her goodbye, she said, “Do you know what? Once Eugene (her boyfriend at that time) asked me, if I can be one of the girls at Couchsurfing (my social circle in Singapore), whom would i want to be. And I actually said i want to be you.”


“Yeah. Cause you’re cool, you have your own style and you’re so pretty.”


I was stunned. Another girl wanted to be me. While at that time, I wasn’t so sure that I wanted to be me. I always see flaws in myself. Not slim enough. Not pretty enough. Not feminine enough. I once lived seven years of my life thinking i am not good enough for somebody – and although I am not there anymore, sometimes i really need to convince myself (and myself esteem) that i am, indeed, good enough.

That night i learned that i am my own worst critic, Other people seem to able to see my good qualities better than i do. I have never believed when they give me praises, thinking that they’re just saying it .. you know, one of the positive things you say to friends although you don’t really mean it.

This is not a humblrebrag. I honestly, truly feel that I am not all that. But being in the middle of people who give affirmations instead of critic, who encourage instead of put you down – i finally learn to love and appreciate myself. That maybe I *am* pretty. Maybe i *am* pretty cool, Haha.

Well, few weeks later, the same friend wrote on my Facebook wall.

‘I showed pictures from Singapore to my host parent in Indiana, and suddenly they pointed at you and said “This girl is so pretty.'”

I didn’t know which photo she showed to them, but i got a feeling it was one of the photos we took during our weekend trip to Kuala Lumpur. I took a second look to the photos. I remember feeling very happy. I smiled all the time, cause I went there with my awesome Singapore friends.

I guess when you feel good, you look good.

You are more beautiful than you think, ladies. Stop criticizing yourself. I am definitely learning to stop doing it to myself. 🙂

2 thoughts on “You Are More Beautiful Than You Think.

  1. yeeeeeeaaah setujuuuu…. “I guess when you feel good, you look good.”
    btw, terkadang kita sering misuh2 kurang ini kurang itu, tapi ternyata diluar sana ada yg pengen seperti kita itu terkadang bikin gk percaya tapi juga tersanjung luar biasa yah neng 🙂

    • citsav

      Iya. Beneran deh, seringnya memang orang lain yang bisa appreciate kelebihan-kelebihan kita ya. We are always our own worst critic. 🙂

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