Wow. Hello.


Wow. Hello, blog. You are still here!

It was weird to get a notification about a comment on a post of a blog I have not opened for YEARS. But hey, it was nice. To read some posts again and felt the familiarity of .. yeah I was there, or yeah I felt that feeling at that time.

So where I am now? Bali. It has been over two years since I first moved to Bali.


Kuta beach .. right on my doorstep .. NOT.

What have happened? Hmmm. A LOT. I don’t even know where to start hahahaa. I live in a house right across the rice field now, in a village just outside Canggu. Quite a change from metropolis Singapore, or even the hippy haven Ubud.


Okay, my house apparently is close to the border between Badung and Tabanan regency

I live with two adorable, medium-sized, Bali mix dogs – Shira and Cooper, who wake me up EVERY EFFIN DAY at 6 am (yes, they don’t understand the concept of lazy, let’s sleep in weekend) to go for a 45-60 mins walk to nearby ricefield/empty lot where they can poop, eating cow poos, sniffing cow’s leg, or playing chase and hide and seek at dried-up rice fields.


Shira is the grey and white one, Cooper is the white spotted one

And oh, I have a boyfriend, for almost 9 months now, whom I met in a conference in Kuching, Malaysia and told me he wanted us to be business partner AND life partner right off the bat – causing me giving him a sheepish awkward smile, not sure what to do or to say.


And oh yeah, we went to Europe too! This is Ulm in Germany.

So yeah. Life has been great. Everyday I am reminded how far I have come from my dark age, those drama-queenish years back in 2005 to 2008, and I cannot be more grateful.


I am reserved. For time being. (and le boyfriend booed at “for the time being.”)

And hey, writing feels easy now. Maybe I will write again. Or not. Let’s see and hope for the best! 🙂

But anyway, it’s nice to be back here again!

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