Bad Idea


I am that bad idea.

The one that is like that guy your best friend falls in love with.

But he is leaving in few months for good.

Or, he is still going to be away until who knows when, to pursue his dreams
He doesn’t know when he’s coming back. Of *if* he is coming back.

There is no solution.
He cannot be waited, and he also cannot be responsible for anyone yet.

The one that you instantly think, “No. Don’t do it. He is a bad idea. Find someone else.” the moment your best friend tells you about him.

I am usually the best friend.
Or I am usually you.

But I guess now I am him.

I am the bad idea.

I have never realized being a bad idea is such a lonely job.

3 thoughts on “Bad Idea

    • citsav

      Yea. Now i understand sometimes the person wants to, but he/she just can’t.

      And it has nothing to do with the fact that he/she is just not that into you, but sometimes, there are indeed things which are more important than relationships.

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