One Fine Sunday.


Amazing how a song can bring you back lots of memories.

This song brought me back to one sunny afternoon in Singapore.
Driving around Singapore, from Sentosa Island to East Coast Park then to River Valley Road.
Stopping randomly by the beach just to enjoy the breeze.
Singing my heart out along with the songs that came before/after this song.
Turning up the volume when this song came, until we couldn’t hear our own voices.

Now this song is associated with you, Mr Lightning McQueen.

That was one fine Sunday.

And it will always be one 🙂

2 thoughts on “One Fine Sunday.

  1. citsav

    aku aku aku .. disertirin, maknyah. HAHAHAHAHH. *as always*
    ini maksudnya dia yang nyetir, gue yang jejeritan nyanyi duduk di kursi penumpang haahah

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