30 Days Brain Therapy

I have to admit, i miss blogging.
I mean, really writing that takes more than 30 seconds, 
the length is more than 140 characters, 
where people should write something in the comment boxes if they want to comment something, not just clicking “Like”, 
and where people can really swap ideas. 
I don’t know, but tweeting definitely makes me think SHORTER. Cuz i need to say things in not more than 140 characters, and it will only take me about 30 seconds to write a tweet.
That means, in mere 5 minutes, i can browse through my Twitter timeline (no, i don’t use Facebook that much. Now i only use it for gaming and messaging purposes) – and think / talk / tweet about 10 different topics.
Talk about information overdrive!
And it has worsen my ability to focus. 
I am a natural scatterbrainer, that means i tend to multitask, and it takes me some more effort to really focus on one thing from beginning until the end without doing/thinking about something else in the middle. 
So yes, by tweeting every day, i have become more used to switch focus quickly from one thing to another, by consciously choosing things that only take a little focus and short time, that means i am sooooo bad at doing things that require more time and lot of focus. 
Ask my friends.
They know how scatterbrained I am lately.
They know how long I postpone doing editing for their writing, 
writing contents for website that they have been waiting for,
not to mention the contents of the proposal that’s supposed to be released before end of May
If all these go in a battle to acquire my focus and attention, of course, all of these are defeated by other simpler, more physical things like arranging my short trip to Belitung, or dealing with my recent move-in to the new flat.
Things that don’t need a lot of focus to get it done.
So yes, I will try to regain more focus now,
to educate my brain to think slower,
to endure longer work duration,
so I can work more effectively
(and how much I struggle not to open my Twitter timeline during the 10 minutes i write this! Argh.)
I am going to try writing one post per day in this blog, and limit time used to open Twitter timeline.
Promise I’ll write some worthy writing, hopefully like the ones I made in the past, because everytime i browse back my blogs, I always feel amazed and feel like saying, “Whoa. WHERE did they come from?!” 
Let’s see the result after .. 
err .. 
errr …
30 days?
Well, 30 days it is! 
I’ll see you tomorrow (or later today, hahaha) with a new post.
Hope you can enjoy me ..

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