With The One That Got Away


Sebuah penggalan percakapan.

“Do you know how I know this number?”
“By calling your hotel. And the receptionist gave me your new number, which you haven’t mentioned to me before.”
“Haven’t I? Well, tadinya memang ini nomor kantor aja sih. Cuma orang kantor yang tahu. But seriously, kamu nanya ke hotel?”
(diam sejenak)
“That is how much I want to talk to you again.”
(diam lagi)

Percakapan lainnya.

“Talking to you always brings me back all the happiness I felt from years ago. Saat-saat dimana saya berada dekat kamu. Saat-saat dimana saya bisa jalan sama kamu, dimana nama kamu sering sekali muncul di ponsel saya. It’s all coming back to me, everytime i see your name on my mobile screen.”

Percakapan lainnya.

“I was afraid of you. For years. That is why I kept running away from you. Barulah sekarang mindset saya berubah, and I just realized how stupid I was. Letting you get away.”
“The past happened for a reason.”
“Chances don’t always come twice.”
“Sometimes it does.”
(diam sejenak)

Percakapan lainnya.

“Do you still pray for me?”
“I do.”
“You still do? How long has it been? Two months?”
“Two months. And I pray for you, every single night.”
“Got answers yet?”
(diam sejenak)
“Do you also pray for me?”
“Yes. Sometimes.”
“Because for me, you’re like in different dimension. It feels too impossible. That is why sometimes I don’t pray for you.”
“But you know His power is more than enough to make His plans coming true, right?”
“Yeah. Nothing is impossible for Him.”
“I thought you said we are impossible.”
“For me, it is. For Him, definitely not.”

Percakapan lainnya.
“Do me a favor.”
“The next time I try to runaway again from you, please don’t let me go.”
“Trust me, I won’t.”

Percakapan berakhir.


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