The Perfect World

In my perfect world,
Rain will only come down when I am relaxing at home,
when I am outside the house, the sun will only shine mildly accompanied with the cool breeze

In my perfect world,
Women will not experience PMS.
Periods are acceptable, but there will be no hormonal imbalance before, during or after the periods. No mood swings. No bloated bodies. No pimpled face.
(Oh I believe this point alone will make the world a happier place)

In my perfect world,
There are no traffic jams.

In my perfect world,
All beaches will be clean and beautiful with white sands, blue/green sea, clear blue sky, and beautiful conserved corals, fishes and nudibranches underwater

In my perfect world,
Diving trips and airplane tickets will be much cheaper. And no fiscal required.

In my perfect world,
There will also be you.
Standing there, with that warm smile, and that sparkling eyes.

In my perfect world,
We will be together.

It’s too bad I am not that lucky to have my own perfect world.

images taken from gettyimages, by Ultra.F


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