Harian Selingkuhan Update List


The 11th part of Harian Selingkuhan Series is ready to be released!
(akhirnyaaaa .. hehehehe)

Tapi, berkat saran dari editor saya  (iyaaaa .. tulisan ini beneran diedit sama editor beneran, jadi kalo ada yang mau nerbitin tinggal cetak aja deh .. *halah gaya*) untuk part ini dan seterusnya nggak bisa di-post for everyone lagi 😦

Seluruh postingan Harian Selingkuhan (termasuk part 11 dan seterusnya) hanya bisa diakses oleh orang-orang yang ada di dalam UPDATE LIST, so for anyone who is interested in this series, please let me know.

caranya :

1. buat yang punya account Multiply dan SUDAH masuk di contact list saya
please kindly reply this post, so l can include your name in the update list.
you will have access to all harianselingkuhan series.

2. buat yang punya account Multiply tapi BELUM masuk jd contact list saya
just PM me through Multiply so I can know who you are 🙂
please DO NOT add me as your contact directly, because I don’t approve anyone I don’t know (seriously, i currently have 98 pending invites, and I won’t mind adding that number up) – I’ll add you.

3. buat yang NGGAK PUNYA account Multiply
please send me email through citra.savitri@gmail.com

I am really looking forward to share this 11th part with you!
ditunggu ya kabarnya ..
thanks for reading!


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