day two.
or maybe the second half of day one
i have no idea
i’ve lost track of time

still no sound
still no answer
only silent anger
that gives me shiver
and this sudden emptiness

this is the first fight, i know
maybe the first real fight,
because the last time i didn’t even bother to think too much about it
because i thought it was not even worth fighting for

but this time
i may not smarter than the last time,
since we fought over the same cause
my grand stupidity ..

but i want to make this up, i really do
no, i am still not sure that this is worth fighting for
but i don’t care
i want to work things out this time.

all i need is a chance.
talk. to. me. please.
this silence begins to hurt ..

*and the tears just start to fall out of nowhere*


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