same question


it’s you, it’s always you ..
who can make me feel like wondering all over again
about something that we already know
about something that has actually been answered through pain,
through disappointment
ah, stupid me.
we already have the answer.
we paid such an expensive price for it, remember?

do we want to go down that road, once again, really?
either we’re too stupid to learn the lesson, or we’re just two freaking optimists

but honestly,
the same old question popped into my head the other day
wondering if it was also happening to you

but i stayed quiet this time
i kept the silence
afraid that i might only ruin everything
afraid that i might start something that will only hurt us once again

it’s still the same old question ..
it always is.


(diedit Jumat, 8 Februari 2008 berkat protes beberapa orang, dan lebih baik memang diterjemahkan semua ke dalam bahasa Inggris sebelum ada yang menyamakan gue dengan cyinta lawrah .. :P)

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