bad breakup


so today feels like i’ve just entering the down phase of a relationship.
bad one.
okay, quit sneering people, this is not a man-to-woman relationship i am talking about.
it’s more to .. office-to-employee kind of relationship.

i’ve been holding this burden for quite a while .. but for the past few weeks i just feel like i can’t handle it anymore. i thought this overly sensitive feeling was because of PMS .. but apparently it isn’t, since i just ended my period last week.
guess my mind and soul has had enough of all this.
they just can’t take it anymore.

so today i’ve got my first resolution for 2008.
i gotta find a new job.

the job which wouldn’t keep the employees in the office hours after the work hours is over and acting like they have the rights to do that .. (ok, we are quite flexible, and we don’t mind staying late at the office. but they should have known that they SHOULD not keep treating employees that way. let alone thinking that they have the RIGHTS to do that. especially when they’re not paying us overtime)

the job which appreciates all the work and sacrifices the employees have done in order to make the company looks good, including sacrificing all the social life we might have, or our spare time on weekends – not screaming all over when something goes wrong, claiming that the employees haven’t done any work, that we are not capable to do anything right ..
ok, we might have done something wrong, but please keep in mind that we have also given our body and soul to make the company looks good .. so you have no rights to abuse us, even verbally.
just let us know if someone gives you information when something went wrong (especially when all the arrangement has been made, so supposedly NOTHING goes wrong. but hell, shits happen) as soon as possible, so we can act on it. we cannot act onto something we don’t know. give us time to handle it.
you can’t just screaming all over without wanting to hear any explanations.
especially on weekends. since you’re not paying us enough to also work on weekends. we already work our ass off during weekdays, so we just need the weekends to rest in order to work again on Mondays.

the job which respects all his employees and their intellectual abilities, not acting like everyone besides himself know nothing about the business, therefore we deserve all the sneering and unappreciative comments you give them.
we’re also HUMAN, you know, and we always try to do our best in our work. to be smart.
but at some point, we just give up trying to be smart since you don’t appreciate it anyway.

the job which doesn’t hold anybody’s future.
doesn’t not hold back anybody’s rights for decent rewards for all the work and sacrifices, even for the reason you’ve paid for our scholarship or something.
state it clearly if you want us to pay you back for all the money you’ve spent on us for the scholarship, by cutting our monthly wages or anything.
please don’t feel like you have the rights to hold back our rewards, because you feel you have spent extra cash on us. you know we’ll pay you back with our working years anyway, because of the contract you have forced us to sign.

dammit. i am blabbering in here. oh well. i am just still irritated 🙂
wish me luck guys ..
i am going to find myself a better future!


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