no matter how hard we try to be indifferent
we act strong, as if we could not care less about the world and all the people in it

but there are always times when
we are fragile, sad and alone
pretending to stand tall although all we want to do is to break down and cry
in need for someone there
simply someone to come home to, at the end of the day
to assure that everything would be okay
because we, like everyone else in the world, needed other people in order to be happy

but other people are just too difficult ..
they reacted in unpredictable ways,
surround themselves with defensive walls,
and they behave just like we did – pretending they don’t care about anything.

but actually,
we all know
there’s always one inside each of us
just waiting to be saved from our own defensive wall.

so why don’t we try to be true to ourselves ..
in order to save ourselves, and other people, for pain?

why do we have to make it so complicated?

(inspired by paulo coelho – veronika decided to die, and yesterday’s episode of grey’s anatomy)

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