201207 One Fine Day


jadi kemaren akhirnya gue memperoleh satu hari liburan yang sesungguhnya .. hahahaha.
it’s been a while since the last time i did that, secara udah beberapa weekend gue mengalami “libur-libur palsu” .. liburan tapi mesti ke farm kantor gue di Subang buat supervise video shooting .. liburan tapi mesti bolak-balik ke supermarket mahal di Sudirman buat supervise event food tasting .. bah!

akhirnya kemaren libur sehari, and i don’t have any work to do. beneran liburan, finally! yeay!

so i owe someone to catch up, after millions of broken promises and cancelled plans, yesterday we finally met up.

tadinya kita berencana untuk jalan-jalan keluar, liat-liat museum di Kota atau simply nonton dan makan sushi. but it was raining all day, right after i arrived at his place, akhirnya jadi males kemana-mana.

we just hang out at his place, ngoprek-ngoprek ipod, majalah dan buku lonely planet/rough guides to Indonesia yang terserak sekitar situ sambil diskusiin trip dia hari Sabtu besok ke Jogja. sampai akhirnya kita kelaparan, and while we were discussing that to eat, i got this brilliant idea to ask him to cook. he was a chef at some italian restaurant back home, and i have never tasted his cooking .. so he promised to make some pasta and chicken.

naik taksi ke mal deket rumah buat belanja, sebelumnya main-main sebentar ke Ace Hardware (nyobain sausage barbecue dari demo barbecue grill di sana, main kura-kura, trying those night googles) sampai akhirnya kita menemukan Noah’s Ark Origami.
we decided it would be fun to try .. since there would be 16 pairs of animals to try out, and the display looks really cool! hahahaha ..
we did our shopping at nearby hypermarket, and headed back home and started to cook, secara saat itu udah jam 4 sore dan kita belum makan dari siang .. hehehe.
i helped him cook, it’s not like he needing any help or anything sih, tapi males aja bengong-bengongan di ruang tamu sementara dia sibuk masak. lagian masak bareng kan tampak lebih romantis. hahahahahaks ..

pas lagi break masak, gue mulai bikin origami buat dia.
so we made this deal, to make one animal for each other. terserah binatang apa, yang kira-kira cocok sama orangnya aja.
i got busy making an animal for him (ternyata meski ada garis panduan dan manual booknya tetep aja ribet ya boow .. pake salah lipet segala .. hahahaha) and he continued cooking. about few minutes after i finished making origami, he finished cooking.
we had dinner (buset deh, rencananya lunch malah meleset jd dinner .. hahahaha) with fettucini and steamed chicken with cream sauce, accompanied with sparkling grape juice. pake toast segala.
the food’s excellent
the sparkling grape tastes good
but most of all, the thought of him cooking for me .. that’s just really nice 😉

after dinner, i handed him my origami. an elephant. he asked me why.
i told him because it’s big, powerful, kinda dangerous when mad, but actually really kind at heart.

then he forced me to turn my back on him, while he made me an origami.
guess what he made?
a coral fish.
because it’s beautiful, colourful, exotic (for him), likes to surround itself with beautiful things, and can swim really good in the middle of other ocean animals ..
(aduuhh gue langsung terharuuuu .. hahahahaks)

he made me another one before i went home, a butterfly. because, he said, i like to fly away.
hmm ..

anyway, i went home that night, full and happy.
it was one fine day, not much to do, but still feels nice.

thanks, mate.
guess we had quite a fun day, huh? *wink*


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