a quarter


so on my birthday yesterday, the world seemed to finally smile at me ..

temen-temen sekantor gue (setidaknya yang seruangan sama gue, there are us – 6 girls and a man – ibu-ibu PKKnya Sales and Marketing) inget ulang tahun gue .. dan mereka rame-rame ngasih selamat, bikin gue cukup terharu ..
(FYI, kantor gue termasuk kantor dengan kepedulian rendah terhadap karyawan .. sesama karyawan aja nggak pernah peduli siapa ulang tahun kapan, kecuali kalo emang deket secara personal di luar kantor, dan HRD gue ga berbuat apa-apa untuk mengubah keadaan ini. maybe that explains the high turnover rates .. hehehehe)

bos gue seharian marah-marah, tapi menyangkut hal yang SAMA SEKALI nggak ada hubungannya sama gue, dan dia pun sepanjang hari berada di wilayah kantor yang bukan teritori gue .. sehingga gue SAMA SEKALI nggak terkena cipratan omelan dan tatapan judesnya (kalo nggak sengaja papasan pun gue langsung melipir dan dia diem aja .. hehehehe)

and i thought my friends would not remember my birthday, since i was being such a bitch this year by forgetting most of their birthdays .. 
tapi ternyata nggak.

even a friend who barely see me for the last two years, sent me an SMS to congratulate me. some friends were just needed to be reminded first (oleh kang frenster, bang facebook dan oom multiply), but i know their greetings were sincere.
i have never make any celebration for my birthday, but even a friend who is sooo busy for the past few months was kind enough to make promise that we’ll celebrate the birthday sometime in the future.
and another someone even tried to pencil me in to his tight schedule that day, so he could meet me to celebrate the birthday .. we couldn’t meet though, but i appreciated the willingness 🙂

i was touched by their kindness and attention.
sorry guys for me being a bitch ..
however, this bitch loves you all soooo much!

ok, so this year’s birthday is DEFINITELY better than last year’s.
pengalaman tahun lalu cukup sukses membunuh optimisme gue terhadap hari ulang tahun yang harusnya membahagiakan si empunya hari ulang tahun ..

i even think birthday as the ONLY day when a person is in the most vulnerable position.

last year, i was sooo unready to have my birthday, feeling like to postpone it if i could ..  since i know, if a certain someone wanted to show me how much he didn’t care, he could do that on my birthday and got the full effect.

guess what?
i was right.

that “certain someone” called me on 8 AM on my birthday, asked me if it’s really my birthday. he thought it wasn’t, but his cell phone reminder told him it was (dammit. even his cell phone reminder was much more caring than he was! hahahahaha)
and he didn’t do anything for the rest of the day .. not even trying to meet up with me to celebrate .. and i was crying until i fell asleep at the last two hours of my birthday.

maybe it was a high expectation.
but he was also a boyfriend of mine. although maybe a jerky one.
is it too much to ask?

oh well.
it was a year ago. and i’ve gotten over it.
i am happier now.
i am happier this year.
and i believe in birthday happiness once again, thanks to yesterday.

and that “certain someone”?
he didn’t even call or send me a text message.
hahahahahaha ..

thanks guys ..
i am officially a quarter now 😉
i’ve received all your text messages, YM buzzes, calls, facebook wall messages, MP posts on my guestbook ..


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