He Knows


He knows that this mind is impatient
to wait, let alone remaining good

He knows that this heart is still unsettled
the dreams are still coming occasionally
the longing still comes every now and then

so i guess He made the call early this morning
merely to answer my longing
merely to let me see how full of crap everything was and is

but still, I am not allowed to see it
because it will be a starting point of me getting back to my old self
you know, because it’s feels so good, although we all know that almost feel-good things are never actually good ..
and He doesn’t want me to be bad.

so ..
guess i really have to wait until tomorrow huh?
to do something, which somehow, I know that You have everything to do with it.
It must be good, then ..
I know You would only give me goodness,
the best of them.



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