i appreciate honesty more than anything.
i mean, i am those kind of people who is prone of hurting other people’s feelings with my blunt statements and unpretentious behavior
it doesn’t mean that i want to hurt other people’s feelings,
believe me, i don’t.

but i am just a person with poor ability to pretend and to lie
(yang sangat tidak menguntungkan bila gue sedang dalam keadaan terdesak di depan bos gua. hahahahaha siyal. dia dah tau kalo gue ga bisa bohong. jadi kalo gue menjawab dengan jeda yang agak lama, atau ragu-ragu .. kemungkinan besar gue lagi bohong)

after few days guessing and speculating,
and trying to constantly believe that everything is okay like you asked me repeatedly,
and everything is exactly where we have left it last week ..

but i can no longer assure myself that everything is okay.

so apologize for my blunt questions this morning,
really i apologize.


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