ada bedanya antara

lo menggunakan fakta-fakta yang sudah lo ketahui tentang ending Harry Potter yang highly anticipated oleh semua penggemarnya (termasuk gue) untuk sekedar menggoda temen-temen lo yang menggemari novel satu itu, yang tentunya pengen mengetahui endingnya sendiri ..


sekedar bertingkah sebagai spoiler bastard
yang mengungkapkan ending novel Harry Potter di meja makan kampus penuh orang yang nggak lo kenal – kecuali satu orang yang lo ajak bicara saat itu – tanpa peduli bahwa disitu ada orang lain yang NGGAK BUTUH informasi yang baru saja lo lontarkan sebagai bahan percakapan.

i just met this spoiler bastard, dan tanpa ba-bi-bu gue langsung tinggalin meja itu .. i really have to go before she started mentioning all the characters who died.

well, maybe i am exaggerating,
but i (maybe hundreds of other people) have just spent 325.000rp to buy the original seventh novel of Harry Potter – would it be too much if we’d like to know the ending by ourselves?

it’s not like i am browsing around through wikipedia to look for spoiler or joining people conversing how the novel went, which are probably the stupidest thing to do for people who do NOT want to hear any spoiler ..
no, i didn’t do that.

and i am not blaming anyone whose journals i browsed through for the past few days, causing me getting few spoilers by my own mistake. it’s my fault, i know, and i don’t blame them for that.

but please, if you know the endings, would you mind keep it to yourself?
at least give the spoiler to those who are ACTUALLY LOOKING for it .. i think they deserve it .. heehehehehe .. 🙂

this journal cannot be replied, since i still don’t want anyone to give spoiler on the replies .. hehehehe 😀


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