Hey, girlfriend ..


hey girlfriend,

senangnya melihat kamu bisa ketawa dan asik ngobrol lagi. kayak dulu, sebelum kamu jadian sama lelaki nggak penting itu ..
well, when i say UNIMPORTANT, i mean it .. secara menurut gue dia hanya lelaki sok laku yang berasa semua perempuan berhasrat ingin jatuh ke pangkuannya, bergaya player kelas tinggi, while i know exactly the real player is not behaving even close to the way he is ..

(okay, you must have figured this out, since well-mannered man wouldn’t call his girlfriend a bitch, even when she’s wearing a miniskirt)

breakups suck, but apparently it brings back to the fun you, and we love it!
(have i told you that you even look prettier now? hahahaha .. so much for him telling you what to wear and all. guess he doesn’t have a decent sense of style)

he doesn’t worth a tear, girlfriend. so, don’t waste it on him.
(guess you ALSO have figured this out, since we’ve been laughing and joking for a couple days now)

so now, when are you going to introduce me to that hot-looking cousin of yours?
gyahahahahahaaha ..
*ternyata ada maunya*

kidding, gal! *hugs*

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