sooo ..

there’s someone in a mailing list .. which i joined like, almost a year ago.
i didn’t participate much there (as in, i don’t post much, i don’t reply much, i barely send anything to this mailing list) since it’s more like exclusive kind of mailing list .. but i met a few new friends there, and sometimes the members are forwarding those interesting joke emails every now and then, so i didn’t change the subscription.

okay, this afternoon i forwarded an interesting writing to this mailing list. well, i think it’s interesting. and maybe some other people think so too.
a friend responded and told me that she liked it.
and this person .. well, basically she’s just saying that my post is sooooooo outdated. and this is the second time the person did that.

hey, what’s wrong with this person?

i often receive the same forward emails over and over again, and i don’t even bother to comment on those. if you already seen the email, well, simply don’t open it. i do that. and i am sure there are a lot of people who do the same thing.

well, sometimes you just have to live with the fact that not everyone is as hip as you are.


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