i saw the light last night


after mulling over a thing in the dark for over a week .. finally deciding something in order to help me to see the light .. the light that I wasn’t even sure existed. but i kept hoping.
mostly because i wasn’t ready to let it go.
and i haven’t wanted to let it go.

but last night, I finally see the light.

preceded by the usual argument, which kinda turned all the hopes down. and the world seems to be not supportive toward my plan last night. but one thing lead to another (God helped me a lot!) i finally made it. i met him. we watched the paper theater. we had dinner. we had that nice, long chat about our childhood. about our teenage lives. as usual, it felt so comfortable.
wow. i nearly forgot about that.

thank you ..

thank you for letting me know that you remember all that small things i once told you, when i thought you were too busy to listen ..

thank you for asking me how the barbeque went, when i thought you were too busy to care about it ..

thank you for driving me home, although you were so tired last night and it would take you one hour and a half from my place to yours ..

thank you for finally reading this blog, and wanting to know all my thoughts ..

most of all,
thank you for finally letting me know that i mean something for you ..


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