yesterday’s conversation


you asked me to be strong
because your arms are busy chasing your dreams
you asked me to be tough
because your feet is busy looking for firm land to stand
you asked me to hold my head high
to be the tough girl you used to know ..
because you cannot always be there when i turn my head around
you already give your soul to chase your dreams

you told me you can only offer me your hand
for mine to hold,
as we walk through each of our lives, separately
until that day, when you finally find that firm ground
then we can walk our lives together

you told me that i am the only one who can understand you
and you don’t want to lose it
but you will not stop me,
if i choose to walk away ..

but what if someday i slip and fall down
losing my strength
perhaps i will get up and back on my feet eventually
but while i was laying there, weak and helpless

will you love me anyway ..

or will you keep running and leaving me behind?

i am still wondering.

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