thanks to speedol ..
*speedol stands for speedy dodol, quoted from a former director at my office, kinda cheesy but i found it quite brilliant and sooo true ..*

i can’t browse much during the day

i can practice my patience while downloading my message at the outlook (since it will take forever to download only few messages)

i remember to change my YM status few times in a day, since it disconnects in every two hours

i find out that when I cannot browse any websites, i can still chat through YM – but count out the send file feature, it’s just too demanding for speedol connection

i can eliminate my habit to search for files on limewire

speedol also heals my addiction toward internet ..

now that i got quite good connection (when everybody’s already gone)
i really have no idea which website to open ..
and here i am staring at gmail tab, yahoo tab and multiply tab ..
don’t know what other sites to open ..

well, at least i can still search for files on limewire ..
(haven’t forgotten the way to do that one .. hehehehehe)

note :
speedy refers to telkom speedy – the so called fast speed internet connection.
Yea, right ..

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