a theory ..


yesterday someone told me about this theory
didn’t realize how true it was
but i think it’s worth to be thought about ..

smart girls usually find it hard to get a boyfriend
she’ll be looking for someone who can balance her, who’s smart enough, who’s decent enough to be her boyfriend
and gotta admit, it’s not easy
this difficulties have made this ‘having a boyfriend thing’ a necessity
not something complimentary
but it’s already become a needs, something that’s need to be fulfilled

that’s why
when a smart girl finally has a boyfriend (which rarely happened)
she doesn’t want to lose her boyfriend because she’s too smart
she’ll try to lower her potential, afraid to overpower her boyfriend
she will place herself as subordinates to her boyfriend – not as an equal partner
and suffers
when her boyfriend overpowers her
when her boyfriend is too dominant
when her boyfriend is deciding one thing and another
without considering her needs and her opinions

and since she places herself as subordinates
when her boyfriend treats her badly

she is defenseless

she is unable to fight for her rights

she is too afraid to lose her boyfriend

and she ends up
hating herself for being defenseless
hating herself for being unable to fight for her rights
hating herself because she is only able to cry and protest to her bestfriend,
but she cannot say all that to her boyfriend
hating herself ..
and thinking she’s not worth anything
she thinks it’s her fault

she thinks she doesn’t worth for something better



finding a boyfriend is not easy
but it doesn’t mean you have to settle for someone who doesn’t treat you right
finding a soulmate is all about place and time
perhaps it’s not the time yet
or perhaps you just haven’t been in the right place to meet the one

do not let anyone think less of you
it’s you ..
and you know you’re worth of something good
because you’re good

you’re good ..
remember that.

well, this idea might sound too feminist ..
but for all the girls out there, do you realize how true this is?

it’s just an idea
whatever you might think after reading this
it’s all up to you.


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