hari ini, satu bulan yang lalu


hari ini, satu bulan yang lalu ..

a miracle happened.

i got to meet someone for the first time

someone who clicked instantly the second i saw him

someone who laughed at the same cheesy pick up lines as i did

someone who voulenteered to grill my beef at gang gang sulai since i
had no idea how to make those reddish slices of beef into something
edible ..

someone who was dare enough to hold my hand on our first date

someone who was dare enough to stole his kiss on my cheek
and made me blush (thank God it was dark!)

someone who did that sinetron “sitting on the beach, talking about anything” scene – although there were boats and garbage, which a bit turn-offs, but we pretended not to see it anyway ..

someone who somehow, could see all the insecurities in me ..

someone who finally kissed me when we were on his car ..
(and damn, it felt so good)

someone ..

who’s still here today.

it’s been a wonderful month, hon

and so far, that day still feels like a miracle

so, good news!

that day is not a bad-omen yet.

huehehehhee ..


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