an angel


yesterday ..
someone called me and said
“thanks for being such an angel for me, ya,”
and i replied
“well, good then, i can still be an angel – not just a biatch..”

Ok. I thought it was the end of this awkward situation between us. He’s been grumpy since Monday night, and there’s practically nothing I can do to change that.
I know, I know .. he asked me just to leave him alone, he’ll be back to me when he’s already been his old self.
I can survive a day doing that.
And it was yesterday
Yesterday ended nicely, he’s calling me his angel and i thought it’s the end of him being an iceberg since Monday.
But today …
he’s back into the cave.
incomprehensible, unreachable, unavailable
and barely able to talk to


i know these past few days have been hard for both of us
but can we just face it together, instead of trying to face it separately?!

i need you here ..

i miss you.


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