An Unexpected Encounter


March 2005

Having such great day. After whole day conference yesterday, today we’re having field trip. A day on the road, visiting feedlot, slaughterhouses, beef processing factories .. it’s going to be a long and exhausting trip. Fortunately, I met so many nice people, including that guy from Northern Territory Livestock Association. It’s a coincidence that he’s kinda cute, though 😀 We, also with few other guests, talked and joked along the way. Today’s become bearable .. maybe because of this handsome appearance along the way?
hm .. could be.

but that’s all. We never be in contact again since then.

Today, present day

One of the directors are having meeting with some guests. Unexpected, since I didn’t have any idea that he’s going to meet some guests here today.
I entered the room, and guess who did I meet eye-to-eye with?
That handsome looking guy from the field trip a year ago!
He’s here .. right in front of me, and dammit, he still recognizes me. We exchange surprised glances .. oh, well .. only MY surprised glance, he seemed to have expected going to see me here.
My office.
Having meeting.
There must be something wrong this this picture.
I thought it would be impossible, but it actually happened. TODAY.
Too bad it’s happening only now.
If this happened like, a year ago, I think I’ll be mad ..


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