AFIF! damn him, he’s the one who encouraged me to …


AFIF! damn him, he’s the one who encouraged me to send the SMS! If he doesn’t reply, aaargghhh i must have been penetrated too much by your dogmas and paradigms … pretty much to let me loosened up the self-defense and send him that SMS … and at the end waiting in vain … with my ego at stake …

dammit. he hasn’t replied.

Oh whatever. So what if he doesn’t reply? Maybe he’s currently staring at his cell’s LCD, wide-eyed surprised, wondering why the hell I am sending such an unimportant message to him. Sooo … unlike me. Sooo .. unusual. And began to wonder whether he’s making a big mistake when he came clean to me last Saturday midnight, because apparently I am just another commitment freak who just cannot stand to stay friends with a guy – apparently having some kind of chemistry with her.

Me? Commitment freak? Yeah, right.

Ask that question to a few right people and you’ll get negative answer. Some might answer it with smile, and some other might answer it with bitter smile .. hehehe .. sorry guyz .. šŸ˜› you just happened to come into my life at the wrong time …


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