by the way .. today i scurried over my drawers a…


by the way ..
today i scurried over my drawers and found three CDs from someone in the past.
i got these CDs from him, at the beginning of our relationship (if you can call it a relationship .. i am not sure) – one CD of MetroTV coverage of our community gathering, and two other CDs are his documentary movies CD.

I still remember, that documentary is one of our favourite talking subject. I got fascinated hearing all his stories about the production of those documentaries. About him being in Aceh two days after the tsunami, in Bali right after the bombing and get haunted, about him running for his life, chased by people carried samurai because he recorded them doing transaction of women trafficking ..
He gave me two of his documentary CDs.

and guess what?
I haven’t watched any of those CD until the end.
do you think he knows?

i miss him.

picture courtesy of h.b.w.r.n.
i hope you don’t mind me putting his picture.
“still can’t believe we were having that conversation that night.”


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