Fiuh. Akhirnya hari ini berakhir juga. Thank God …


Fiuh. Akhirnya hari ini berakhir juga.
Thank God It’s Friday!

This week has been going like hell for me.

Well, I didn’t remember much about what I did on Monday (wait, wait, gotta check my boss schedule on the communicator .. i usually can recall what i did on that day, based on my boss sched. Dang. Pathetic, huh? Practically got no life outside my boss’ circle of life. Heheee .. sooo Lion King)
Ok. I’ve checked it.
And still can’t recall.
Well, i bet it must have something to do with my boss’ 2006 programme and reports of 2005 for the Kadin Senior Official Meeting on 7-8 March, next week.

Meeting of Kadin National Board. Meet up with that second most important person in Kadin. Well, he seemed to ignore me. Dunno why. Maybe he found out that I am my boss’ cousin. Hehe .. it’s about time. Wondering what he thought when he just found out about dat fact.
We’re talking about the Senior Official Meeting. Borobudur Hotel. Heuu .. it really seemed a lot like Munasus, June 2005. The event where he was hitting on me. It’s amazing how it seems to happen years ago, while it’s only eight months ago. And it’s amazing how both of us pretend that incident never happened. And it’s amazing how both of us can still manage to see and smile toward each other, like nothing’s ever happened.
Hey, if I can do that hypocrisy thing – like what he’s doing now – maybe that signaled that someday I can be a politician. I already have the trait.

I am STRANDED alone at the office! Dang it. I was tired, sleepy and I expected today will give me some air to breathe. but in fact, my partner’s taking a day off (such a BAD TIMING) because she’s fed up with all that work stuff, and all her job was thrown on me.
I was such in bad mood .. dang it!

Meeting of Kadin Committee for Food and Agriculture.
This is the day when I learned how suck politics are. Forget about me being a politician. I hate it! Despite the fact that I was a Political Science student, but it was totally a different thing having to face Indonesian politics right on the face. And everybody was talking to me like I was THE decision maker .. fed me with all information that I didn’t want to know .. and forced me to be the facilitator, talking all those to my boss. Uh-uh. Not me.
Everybody seemed to have their own interests .. and I saw few clashing into each other in front of me, on a piece of paper called Memorandum of Understanding. Who might have guessed a piece of paper can cause a lot of things when it’s signed in the wrong time?
But hey, i am just the messenger (thankfully). i only do what i was told to do, and it’s all not my decision. whatever happens, don’t kill the messenger. okie dokie?
luckily, other people realized it too. they began to soften a bit, and help me out.
still, i am having headache by the time the day’s over .. (thank God I can be home early today)

Still following up that damn piece of paper .. waiting for the legal review of the MoU. Then my boss called, screaming all over about another piece of paper (this time, it has our advertisement on it) and about me not following it up before. well .. what he didn’t know, I HAD followed it up, even weeks before he started screaming like that. But I just didn’t see why I had to bother him with stuff like that. I hadn’t get any good news, and I was still trying to find a way to contact that damn newspaper and the project director who was supposed to take charge of our ad.
But then I didn’t have a choice. My demanding partner started to complain about how herself (God, sometimes she can be such a pain .. I mean, she’s not the only one getting all the complaints and screams from our boss. But all she cares only about her, being screamed and complained at. But well, at least today’s not as bad as yesterday’s .. or last week’s .. or weeks before that ..) and luckily God helped me. I didn’t find much trouble acquiring that newspaper by myself .. and then i headed back to the office, exhausted and I had a bad headache.
My boss wasn’t such a pain in the ass, he’s being quite calm (maybe he’s pleased getting that newspaper and also that 5 million credit from credit insurance institution .. God, I wish things like this can happen everyday. it totally made his day). But my partner’s scrubbed out my patience, we yelled toward each other (this things happen occasionally, trust me).
But then we made up like, an hour later. No sorries .. no apologies .. hehehe maybe we just need to release all the tension cummulated inside us all these weeks ..


This week’s over. At last.

Then i can sleep as much as I like .. tomorrow’s weekend!!! Huraaayyy!!!

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