Let me Know What You THink! Thanks :)


p.s. let me know what you all think, as amazing as it seems.. but this story really happened to a close friend of mine! Thank you.

Your Own Worst Enemy

God created people differently
different faces
different heights
and different traits
even if He created someone similar like you
you’ll be placed thousand miles apart

but what happened if
one day you meet your twin
someone with different face
different height
but the same personality

it’s just amazing finding your other self
you once got excited
you can talk about things for hours
since you have so many similarities
it doesn’t take a lot of effort to understand each other
because you’re him
and he’s you

Then to make things more complicated
both of you fell in love

somehow things aren’t so amazing like it used to
the similarities begin to bother you
you both are way too similar to each other
you cannot play games
since you already know all the rules and tricks played in the game
as lovers, you’re just as loveable as him
also just as horrible as him
everytime you fight
it’s like facing your own worst enemy
which is yourself

under the pressure of a commitment
it takes twice the effort to maintain the relationship
it takes twice the understanding to keep be with each other
you start to wonder
was it a right decision to start this at the first place?



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