White CHicks

Rating: ★★★
Category: Movies
Genre: Comedy

A good entertaining movie! hehehehe..
Well, this movie’s about two FBI black agents (casted by Wayans brothers) who crave for some on-the-job actions, always try to solve cases by themselves without back-ups but ended up messing things up and almost got fired by their boss.
Under some circumstances, they decided to get undercover as two white-blonde-to-die-for-chicks, Tiffany and Brittany Wilson, and attended a high-class social gathering at Hamptons. As impossible as it seems in the reality, they succeeded to trick people around them, including three bestfriends of Wilson sisters, they even made a huge black guy called Lattrell fell head over heels toward the false Tiffany Wilson. Here in Hamptons, as FBI agents they had to prevent some people who tried to kidnap Wilson sisters (themselves) in order to get ransom. But as Wilson sisters, they had to face more difficult things: from attending social parties, facing popularity battle with the Vandergeld sisters, being models at the fashion show until going on a shopping spree (this includes trying out some small-sized outfits and G-strings..).
The story is actually not so special, even quite impossible to happen (how come two black FBI agents can successfully make people believe that they are truly two white hot chicks?!) but I found it quite entertaining.
The humor were scattered in the details of the movie.. and it may involve some hit songs (A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton) and the Wayans brothers’ acting-oh-i-am-so-cool-i-just-can’t-help-it style.
Entertain yourself by watching this movie. But remember, don’t think about it too much.. this is not a movie to be thought about. Just enjoy!


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