What a wonderful day..


Today’s supposed to be nice
Today’s supposed to be busy, but fun
Hanging out all day with a lovely boyfriend
Meeting up with old friends
Have lunch with your boyfriend’s family, who adores you
What more can you ask?

But then..
Everything messed up
The day was too hot to be enjoyed without air conditioning
And you start out late, messing up the schedule
Your boyfriend was busy with his intense cellular calls and SMS
You tried to make a conversation, but it seemed useless
You met your old friends and found out you no longer could talk everything with them like you used to
Now you and your friends have totally talked different things
You’re busy catching up with everything you’ve missed
And your boyfriend didn’t seem to be comfortable being there with you and your friends
He kept saying wrong things at the wrong time
Made you feel relieved when he finally left you by yourself
But after the gathering was over
You called your boyfriend
He was sleeping in his car at the parking lot
You went home to his house, to pick up his family
You just realized you don’t have time to do your work task you’re supposed to do today
It’s all because of the messed-up schedule
You went all pissed off, and your boyfriend didn’t seem to understand
You couldn’t stand it anymore
You decided to go home after apologize to your boyfriend’s mother
You went home by taxi, because your boyfriend couldn’t drive you up
You cried silently on the way home
And went off to sleep
At night, you tried to call your boyfriend to fix things up
But he’s missing
You don’t know where he was
You tried to call his cellular several times
Diverted between one number to another
But he didn’t answer
You felt worse, felt like want to cry again
You tried to do your work task
But you kept making mistake
Because your mind was not there
Suddenly he called
You felt relieved as hell, grab the phone and answered the phone
So glad hearing his voice over the phone
You both didn’t want to talk about the problem just yet
You talk about everything, just trying to hold on the conversation
You realized how much you missed him
But somehow doubting he felt the same way
Although he had driven around the city for the last few hours, leaving his cellulars home, trying to ease up his mind
You wondered whether you’re going to lose him
Then he said “We’re okay…”
Suddenly you felt better and tried to lighten up
But the burden was still on your mind
Whether you’re going to be okay tomorrow..
The day after…
And the day after that…

What a wonderful day.


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