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It was a sunny afternoon. The weather was hot. She was sitting alone at the corner of Starbucks, reading novels when suddenly someone came along to her table. She looked up and saw this tall, plain-kind-of-guy with thin framed eyeglasses, asking permission to share the table because no other seats left. His face looked serious and a bit tired. She hesitantly nodded and there he sat right across her.
And suddenly he smiled.
She was astounded. She had never seen a face that friendly and sincere before. She couldn�t help but smiling back. They started to chat.
His name is Damien.
It was the day they first met.

Still in the sunny afternoon. They walked across the park, hand in hand, talking about everything. She couldn�t stop smiling, neither could he.
He was sitting on a bench reading a book while she was lying on his side. She looked at him and think how ordinary her boyfriend is.
He wasn�t rich, he wasn�t famous, he wasn�t glamourous, he wasn�t stylish. He had never taken her to any hip club parties. He usually took her to watch movies, have dinner or just hang around at Starbucks. Sometimes he cooked dinner for her.
Just a plain kind of dates, with a plain-kind-of-guy.
She sighed and reached out for his hand, and he held her hand gently. He looked at her and smiled.
She felt a strange tingle in herself.
A bit of comfort feeling.

It was the toughest week for her. She has just lost her job, her parents split up and her grandmother died. She was sitting there alone in her apartment when Damien came by. He tried to cheer her up, but his intentions came out wrong. They quarelled, they fought. She hit him and madly told him to go away from her life. Damien looked at her, and she was stunned seeing the pain in his eyes. But he said nothing.
He went out through the door and never came back.

She succeeded to rule back her life. She got a new job in fashion magazine, and a new boyfriend. Colin was rich, stylish, glamourous and successful. Not to mention he’s the most handsome guy who has ever fallen in love with her. It’s like a dream come true. Colin gave her everything, took her anywhere hip, fun and glamour. She’s having the time of her life. No one had ever given these kind of relationship to her before, and she enjoyed it.
She became a hip, fun, and popular girl. With a handsome and sucessful boyfriend.
Every girls envied her.
There were only something missing in this relationship. Something she got when she was with Damien�
Oh, what a hell.
This was everything she’d ever dreamt of.

She was packing her things for a weekend out the city with Colin when suddenly a shoe-box fell off the closet. The contents were scattered all over.
She was stunned.
They were pictures� old pictures of her and Damien.
She scurried her hand through the pictures, tried to put them back in the box as quickly as possible. She did not want to look at the pictures� but somehow a picture on top of the pile stopped her from closing the lid.
It was her and Damien, on a short trip to theme park.
She almost couldn�t recognize herself there at the picture. She looked really� different. Her eyes were shining, she was smiling happily. Damien was holding her hand, gazing at her lovingly and adoringly.
She knew exactly, after the picture was taken, Damien kissed her forehead and teased her because she was afraid of riding the rollercoaster.
Suddenly she remembered how much she was loved by him.
She looked up and stared at herself in the mirror.
A beautiful, stylish and trendy girl.
Expensive make ups.. hip-cut hair.. fashionable clothes..
but the shine in her eyes were gone.
She tried to smile at the mirror, looked as happy as possible. But still� she couldn�t look as happy as she was in the picture.
She stared at the picture once again.
A tear trickled down her cheek.

She walked alone across the park. The leaves has turned yellow and orange, falling down slowly on her path. A pair sitting on the bench nearby were talking. The guy ocassionally took a falling leaf from her hair, and she was smiling to him adoringly.
She kept on walking, toward a certain bench near the left side of the park. Although she hadn�t been here for few months, she still remembered the exact place of that bench.
There it was.
She stepped toward the bench, which faced the other side, only to realize someone was sitting on it. She stopped, dry leaves cracking on her shoes, looking at the bench disappointedly.
She sighed then turned around, began to walk away.
Suddenly someone called her name.
She turned around, and was astounded seeing Damien was standing near the bench. He was the one who sat on that bench.
She looked at him, quite uncertain what to say.
Then Damien began to smile. The same old smile, which made her falling in love with him in the first place.
�You came��

— This story is totally fiction. Similarity to any stories, any names, places whatsoever is purely coincidental —

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