Indonesian Idol — Finals


Hmm.. classical stuff.. Indonesian Idol!
Due to certain circumstances, i just watched the grand final of Indonesian Idol today, a rerun at RCTI.
Okay, overall, Joy’s performances were better than Delon’s. She performed every song in a very soulful way, well-pitched and she got this perfect stage performance. On the other hand, Delon looked pretty nervous, perhaps a bit unconfident facing his hard opponent, and sometimes pitch-slipped. But when he sang his type of music (like Rio Febrian song he chose as his first song and Glen Friedly song arranged by Andi Riyanto) it’s obvious that these type of songs were the ones he’s very good at. In these two songs (esp. at Glen Friedly song) he sang very soulfully, and honestly i really loved his performance at the last song.
So.. Joy vs Delon.. people said it’s quality vs popularity.
I couldn’t say Delon has got no quality.. i believe he’ll be breathtaking while singing slow songs such as Josh Groban songs or other Glen Friedly songs. But maybe his charisma (which created his popularity) is a lot bigger than his quality.
Somehow when i saw him at the final, he reminds me a lot with Clay Aiken (second winner of American Idol). People might still remember how Clay Aiken competed closely with Ruben Studdard (who finally become the first winner). People admitted Ruben’s got this amazing voice, but why many people still loves Clay Aiken so much, even more than Ruben? Even after the competition, both of them released an album, Clay Aiken seemed to be more popular than Ruben. Maybe that’s because of Clay’s modest attitude, always smiling-face, charming.. it’s really nice seeing someone like him on stage. Audiences felt familiar with him, and somehow felt like knowing him and close with him.
I can’t help but thinking Delon has this Clay Aiken-kind-of charm. His smiles, his modest attitude, added by repeated negative comments given by the juries for few episodes, makes Indonesian audiences felt knowing him, familiar with him, and close with him.

I was not a fan of Delon before, i didn’t even like him since the selection round, when he got over 50% of the vote (i cynically believed it’s just because of his cute face).
But tonight i realized it’s not his face that matters. It’s his attitude. It’s his charm. And his continuous effort to prove himself in order to stop negative comments from the juries.
That’s why people love him.
vote for Joy or Delon?


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