MydaY: One Fine Day..



over the rooftops a plane in the sky
beat of a bass drum cars passing me by
under a bridge dark then back into light
a river of raincoats and a forest of faces
still for a moment then red into green
slow shuffling shoes whisper sight unseen
row upon row of houses return an empty stare
let the daydream for a little while longer
ah.. yeah…

two-minute hailstorm then melts into rain
(oh) sing me a rainbow it’s sunny again
swallows overhead while the traffic snarls below
could I (could I) keep dreaming for a little while longer

when you’re searching your soul
when you’re searching for pleasure
how often, pain is all you find
but when you’re coasting along and nobody’s trying too hard
you can turn around and like where you are

(Yeah and) I hope I never wake
when I’m thinking about you
and I close my eyes (dear)
now I’ll never never wake
why should I stop thinking about you

(The Sundays – When I’m Thinking About You)

it’s just how today passed by..
hahahaha.. i must be outta my mind! 😛


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