Have you ever think
how time goes so fast
when you seemed like standing still
and before you know it
everything around has already changed

just few years ago
you entered university..
meeting new friends
learning new stuff
seizing life the fullest
because campus life gives you the best chance to grow and to improve
you laughed with your bestfriends
cried when things went wrong
stepped forward together to defend something you all believed in
you learned how to tolerate
you learned how to work
you learned how to be responsible to everything you do
you learned about networking
and you learned that you cannot be dependent to anybody
except yourself

and years went by
here you are, standing still
looking back to the past
realizing how things have changed
since the last time you remembered it
and perhaps you also realized
how you have changed after all these years
you are not standing still after all
you have moved on
you have grown up
you have learned
everything that happened in the past
actually helped you to be what you are right now

The past is something to remember
The past is something to be cherished
perhaps right now..
you and your friends go to separate ways
all of you begin your own journey

But someday
we’ll meet again
some place
and i am sure going to wait for the day..

I love you all my friends..


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