King Arthur

Rating: ★★
Category: Movies
Genre: Action & Adventure

a story about 7 British knights of Samartia, who survived the Roman expansion hundred of years ago but obliged to serve the Romans in their every generations. These knights were led by Arthur, a leader and war experts, who was really famous because of his bravery. These 7 knights also include Lancelot, Arthur’s right hand. They live in a Roman post on the southern side of a wall which separated them from the north area–mostly guarded by the Woad, an ancient tribe, led by Merlin.
On the last day of their 15-years-of-service-obligation, they were assigned to rescue a Roman family (whose son is the Pope dear baptist child, probably going to be a bishop or even Pope someday) from some place in the north. they have to face the attacks from Woad, not to mention the Saxon armies who were expanding across Britain.
This rescue journey made Arthur met Guinevere (and he would fall in love with her), a brave girl from Woad tribe, who would help the 7 knights beating the Saxon armies.
This movie was all about war, chivalry, bravery and loyalty. Well, i think it’s just another typical knights-story-movie..

plus side: interesting bond of friendship between the 7 knights, all their love and support with one another. Light jokes inserted between war scenes, clearly stated their closeness and friendship.

down side: too much characters, made it hard to differ one character into another. especially at the beginning. no evident personal emotional struggle. Clearly this movie is no different than any other similar movies. Plus, this movie described the problem caused by domination of Roman Catholic church, with no further explanation. Many people may have misunderstood about church and Christian religion.

Special part : The snowed forest setting.

Others: no outstanding special effects. Just an ordinary movie. Well.. if you have spare time and there’s no better movies around, go ahead.. watch this movie. It’s not so bad, though.


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