Indonesian Idol


hehehehe.. this is an entry dedicated specially to my dear friend from Czech.. hahahaha.. see, i write this one in English! dun worry, i’ll write more in English, so you can enjoy this Multiply thing 🙂
Today’s been quite pleasant after all..
i watched Indonesian Idol, and watched my Michael, favourite contestant got eliminated 😦 it’s too bad, because he got good voice, charming appearance and modest personality! if other people may win because they’re good looking, it’s impossible for him.. because he’s not handsome. he’s just got good voice, and he’s in the top five contestant because of his talent!
it’s a shame that once again one talented people got eliminated from this kind of contest, only because Indonesian people put more appreciation to people with good looks!! (for reference: one contestant named Lucky got eliminated last week, altough his voice was actually one of the best among the contestants!)
it’s too bad..


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